Placenta encapsulation is a method that more and more woman are turning to in order to have a smoother postpartum period. It has been known to have the potential to promote healthy milk production, stabilize hormones, replenish your iron supply from blood loss after child birth, lessen the chances of postpartum depression, fight fatigue and give extra energy. Our doulas are trained in Blood Borne Pathogens and use Universal Precautions while processing your placenta in the comfort of your own home to ensure the safest preparation available. We offer the traditional method of encapsulation and knowing this gives our clients piece of mind for safe consumption. 

Your Postpartum Placenta Specialist will provide you with a transport kit that is approved by the World Health Organization. She will then come to your home for two consecutive days to complete the encapsulation process which during that time she will be available to answer any questions you might have regarding your postpartum recovery, your newborn or your birth.

Photo by Kim Schepperley

 Amanda King- Postpartum Doula, LLC is setting professional standards by preparing your capsules in your home as your safety and piece of mind are priority, we want you to be confident that your placenta is in fact yours. You will be certain that there was no way of your placenta being exposed to any bacteria or foreign environment that can harm your postpartum recovery as your placenta has been with you the entire time.

After completing your capsules you will be left with a clean kitchen and instructions. You can expect a check in call after you start to take your capsules as we want you to share your experience with us in hopes that you rock your postpartum recovery!